Suburban Senshi Entry #2095 - “What a cunning linguist”
#2095 “What a cunning linguist”
EmaSkye_LAPD 06/27/2017
Ugh the one problem with doing more criminal investigation work for INTERPOL in Japan is having to take the time to master Japanese
FireFly_9 06/27/2017
You should let Minako-san teach you.
EmaSkye_LAPD 06/27/2017
Reverend_H 06/27/2017
Yeah yo, back in da day she was giving vocabulary lessons all night, starting wit the basics~ "あ! あ! あ!! あああああああああああ!!
C'est_La_V 06/27/2017
:/ K[BLEEP]otare~
Reverend_H 06/27/2017
See more words, yo~
EmaSkye_LAPD 06/27/2017
... Not sure those were the kinds of lessone I had in mind...