Suburban Senshi Entry #2087 - “Reboot 7 [Meta]: The terrifying road to the future”
#2087 “Reboot 7 [Meta]: The terrifying road to the future”
The Intern 01/23/2017
So now that the front page is more or less correct, we come to cleaning up almost a decade and a half of messes.
Mdm_Maestro 01/23/2017
So like Haruka's room, only less catastrophic?
The Intern 01/23/2017
Indeed. I'm thinking of a new way to do navigation through entries on the front page, but I haven't quite gotten there yet.
SpeedRcr_X 01/23/2017
What do you mean 'indeed' like my room is some kind of pit?
Rule34Rocks 01/23/2017
Haruka, your room is not "some kind of pit." It is *the* pit. It is the standard by which all other pits are judged. It is terrible, foul, a mind-breaking cesspool of horror that tears at the soul. It is absurd. I'm pretty sure there are people trapped in there from 2002.
Reverend_H 01/23/2017
Yo we should totally excavate in there and look for survivors yo
FireFly_9 01/23/2017
This is not a door we want to open.
setsy_meioh 01/23/2017
Much like the water closet after Haruka has used it.
=/catablanca/= 01/23/2017