Suburban Senshi Chat #2076 - “Suburban Senshi Z #2: The Puppetmaster”
#2076 “Suburban Senshi Z #2: The Puppetmaster”



<CÚst_la_V> (As NQS) I see a vision.... in front of my EYES... is the crystal speaking to me? ?! Oh it's the intercome! HAHAHAHAHAHAH What is it Ami chan? Ami Chan, your words are sooooooooo long, can't you like use contractions? Oh Chibiusa failed her spelling test? No she didn't! Anmi-chan, remember who hasd the ROCK. That's right, the ROCK! And the ROCK says Ami-chan will do as she's told! She'll put the "A" on the paper and like it, or she gets the HOSE! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH