Suburban Senshi Chat #2067 - “Chibiusa Spills the Beans”
#2067 “Chibiusa Spills the Beans”

'Chibi' Tsukino Usagi
@Reverend_H ror bb u gat a smol pipi

11:01 PM - 13 Apr 2016
Reverend H. Elios  @Reverend_H · Apr 13
yo Baby Why you TRIPPIN' YO?!!?!?
Tomoe Hotaru  @FireFly_9 · Apr 13
It would explain much.
Reverend H. Elios  @Reverend_H · Apr 13
Yo why you all be PLAYIN yo!? I got the BLACK STALLION 12,000 HORSEPOWER YO
Ten'ou Haruka  @SpeedRcrX · Apr 13
More like scouter says horseS[BLEEP]T level is over 12000


[Her World Shaking, Chibiusa lost herself in a Flower Hurricane of ecstacy, ensconcing Elios' Flame Sniper in a Galactica Tsunami of Luna Sucre Candy. Elios moaned, his passion undergoing Moon Healing Escalation. It wasn't long before he experienced Oak Evolution, crying out, pulling back and covering Chibiusa's Jupiter Coconut Cyclones in a Sab„o Spray of Furious Random Crescent Beam Shots."