Suburban Senshi Chat #2067 - “Chibiusa Spills the Beans”
#2067 “Chibiusa Spills the Beans”

'Chibi' Tsukino Usagi
@Reverend_H ror bb u gat a smol pipi

11:01 PM - 13 Apr 2016
Reverend H. Elios  @Reverend_H · Apr 13
yo Baby Why you TRIPPIN' YO?!!?!?
Tomoe Hotaru  @FireFly_9 · Apr 13
It would explain much.
Reverend H. Elios  @Reverend_H · Apr 13
Yo why you all be PLAYIN yo!? I got the BLACK STALLION 12,000 HORSEPOWER YO
Ten'ou Haruka  @SpeedRcrX · Apr 13
More like scouter says horseS[BLEEP]T level is over 12000


<// J_Daito //> I saw Aino stomping off this morning with her "love-me chain" wrapped around her fist and arm, and I think there was a battle aura around her