Suburban Senshi Chat #2066 - “Suburban Senshi Kai: Season 1 is now up!”
#2066 “Suburban Senshi Kai: Season 1 is now up!”

Doctor Xadium
I'm pleased to announce the first volume of Suburban Senshi Kai, the remastered first season of Suburban Senshi fics is now up for download.

3:19 PM - 12 Apr 2016
Ten'ou Haruka  @SpeedRcrX · Apr 12
Oh man some serious nostalgia here
Sakura X. Aino  @SXAino · Apr 12
I see copious continuity fixes~
Jay Daito  @J_Daito · Apr 12
Nothing can fix the twisted pretzel knot of the time Hag's timeline.
Meiou Setsuna  @Setsy_Meioh · Apr 12
I will end you all.
Meiou Setsuna  @Setsy_Meioh · Apr 12


"How pleasant. Everywhere you go, people die. You track death like other people track mud."
-- Jedite to Haruka