Suburban Senshi Chat #2060 - “What What in the Butt”
#2060 “What What in the Butt”

Reverend H. Elios
Yo so in this shot it looks like everyone is checking out Usagi's butt, yo

7:41 AM - 29 Mar 2016
Tomoe Hotaru  @FireFly_9 · Mar 29
Rei-san and Ami-san seem pleased at her brazen freedom to pantyflash, Makoto-san is obviously overjoyed, Minako-san finds this delightfully scandalous and Setsuna-momma is... making more of an eyeline for Chibiusa-chan?!
Kino Makoto  @IrnChef_Jovian · Mar 29
Whaddya mean "obviously overjoyed'?
Jay Daito  @J_Daito · Mar 29
That grin could only get wider if it was Mizuno's derriere.
Artemis D. Cat  @cata_blanca · Mar 29
But why... Setsuna's obsession...?
Ten'ou Haruka  @SpeedRcrX · Mar 29
She's saying "Oh, my illegitimate secret love-child with the king, on that ass rests my future hopes for Imperial Domination..."
Jay Daito  @J_Daito · Mar 29
sounds legit