Suburban Senshi Chat #2050 - “Thank you for Thirteen Years”
#2050 “Thank you for Thirteen Years”

Doctor Xadium
This is for all your guys. Thanks for 13 years.

4:03 PM - 25 Aug 2015
Sailor V  @SailorV_Official · Aug 25
Saillor V-chan approves!!
Kaioh Michiru  @Mdm_Maestro · Aug 25
There are no pictures of Haruka's drunken buffoonery. This is inaccurate.
Cressida Sumire Xadium-Aino  @Gol_D_Lux · Aug 25
What about where she was strangling Hotaru?
Tomoe Hotaru  @FireFly_9 · Aug 25
Sadly Haruka-poppa was completely sober at the time.
Ten'ou Haruka  @SpeedRcrX · Aug 25
13 years huh
Karasuma Akane  @Lead_Crow · Aug 25
Finally the site that you started as your blog has reached your mental age.
Ten'ou Haruka  @SpeedRcrX · Aug 25
13 is NOT my mental age
'Chibi' Tsukino Usagi  @SugaBB_2999 · Aug 25
mror lik 7 amirite
Ten'ou Haruka  @SpeedRcrX · Aug 25
Shut up YOU'RE 7
'Chibi' Tsukino Usagi  @SugaBB_2999 · Aug 25
im 91 yars ole!!1
'Chibi' Tsukino Usagi  @SugaBB_2999 · Aug 25
Vermellia Xadium Rosso  @Redeemer_Red · Aug 25
I wonder what'll happen in the next 13!!!
Gemini Sunrise  @Texas_Samurai · Aug 25
A whole lotta nothin' if X don't git off his lazy butt.
Doctor Xadium  @Dr_Xadium · Aug 25
This is a special sentimental moment stop ruining it you guys
Jay Daito  @J_Daito · Aug 25
But this is what we do. No moment is sacred. Everything is permitted.
Tomoe Hotaru  @FireFly_9 · Aug 25
Thank you Aleister Crowley.


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