Suburban Senshi Chat #2043 - “Pluto's nemesis revealed: Neil DeGrasse Tyson! ”
#2043 “Pluto's nemesis revealed: Neil DeGrasse Tyson! ”

Ten'ou Haruka
Oh man, this is totally her life now.

4:29 PM - 5 Jan 2015
Meiou Setsuna  @Setsy_Meioh · Jan 5
Sorry but I'm already in the show as the previews make quite clear! I AM BACK, B[BLEEP]CHES.
Jay Daito  @J_Daito · Jan 5
And who did you pay off to make that occur, Time Hag no Senshi?
Meiou Setsuna  @Setsy_Meioh · Jan 5
Let's just say Neil DeGrasse Tyson is not as aloof as that video makes him appear~
Sakura X. Aino  @SXAino · Jan 5
And that's a mental scar that'll never leave me.