Suburban Senshi Chat #2040 - “Not enjoying the ride”
#2040 “Not enjoying the ride”

Ten'ou Haruka
Thoughts on Sailor Moon Crystal so far?
6:58 AM - 3 Jan 2015
Tomoe Hotaru  @FireFly_9 · Jan 3
A tepid, uninspiring retelling of a classic that relies on its shiny new paint job to carry it.
Jay Daito  @J_Daito · Jan 3
The single greatest argument _for_ filler in anime ever seen.
Kaioh Michiru  @Mdm_Maestro · Jan 3
Seeing it in this form makes you realize how anemic the actual storyline actually is.
'Chibi' Tsukino Usagi  @SugaBB_2999 · Jan 3
titz a bagger misteak dan makang da habbit 3 moaviez
Aino Minako  @Cest_La_V · Jan 3
the ost was great for putting me to sleep?
Hino Rei   @Flame_Sniper · Jan 3
It's all about love but it has no heart.
Artemis D. Cat  @cata_blanca · Jan 3


[17:10] <Kikyo> Shesshomaru and you... speak?
[17:11] <Kagome> You mean without the two of you trying to kill each other?
[17:11] <InuYasha> Oh yeah, that violence thing is just for the cameras, losing that one arm's made him a BABE magnet.
[17:11] <InuYasha> they call him "teh Sexomaru" now
[17:12] <InuYasha> he won't stop thanking me