Suburban Senshi Chat #2036 - “Fun with rocks ”
#2036 “Fun with rocks ”

Jed Ito
It's too bad for you I crushed the other three rocks that held those idiots Kunzite, Nephrite and Zoisite inside, it's about the only way you girls would get dates in this life
12:24 PM - 9 Dec 2014
Mamoru Chiba  @bestlydressedgentleman · Dec 9
did you have to crush my nads at the same time
Jed Ito  @darktalentagency2k15 · Dec 9
Yes. Yes I did.
Ami Mizuno  @brainiac6 · Dec 9
Look at it this way, Mamoru-san, now you will never produce another Chibiusa-chan.
'Chibi' Tsukino Usagi  @SugaBB_2999 · Dec 9
... fak u
Jed Ito  @darktalentagency2k15 · Dec 9
LOL like that will ever happen to her amirite
'Chibi' Tsukino Usagi  @SugaBB_2999 · Dec 9
Minako Aino  @Idolmaster-chan · Dec 9
I can get plenty of dates if I wanted to!!
Artemis Catt  @ol_greeneyes · Dec 9
Yes except they all seem to die after meeting you.
Minako Aino  @Idolmaster-chan · Dec 9
Because they were all evil!!
Jed Ito  @darktalentagency2k15 · Dec 9
or they were just pretending to be evil so you would kill them and put them out of their misery
Minako Aino  @Idolmaster-chan · Dec 9
..... D:


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