Suburban Senshi Chat #2031 - “SST: Recap Madness Special 6”
#2031 “SST: Recap Madness Special 6”

Suburban Senshi


<Mdm_Maestro> Do you all realize how banal you've all become? It's all the same thing, all the time! "Chibiusa can't spell, what a dumb (runt / spore / pun) here", "Chibiusa wants to (innuendo) (tomoe / elios / mandroids)", "Michiru (can't cook / is a snob)" Tomoe (MAkes Tasty Coffee / Eats Daimon seeds / Likes Kaolinite), Minako (is Genki / Is more Genki), Haruka (does something nasty, stupid), Hotaru (is scandalized / indignant / offended), Elios (is a pervert) (speaks in Haiku) Xadium (fawns over Minako)
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