Suburban Senshi Chat #2002 - “A pretty fake pretty fake? ”
#2002 “A pretty fake pretty fake? ”

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Doctor Xadium
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you... the future?
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Paisley Pythia Peinforte SHOPPED ago Like

Tony Stark I can see the pixels ago Like

Ten'ou Haruka If only that skirt were a bit higher...I could see her pixels... ago Like

Kaioh Michiru :/ ago Like

Ten'ou Haruka ...reflected in the Ginzuishou ago Like

Jay Daito Weak save, Ten'ou. Weak Save. ago Like

Franziska von Karma The cynic in me says they would never pay to animate the series at that level. ago Like

Aino Minako sure they would with all the money they aren't paying us in royalties for our life story... D:< ago Like

Jay Daito This... is this the future you all got killed for by the and revived to fight? ago Like

Ten'ou Haruka WAIT IS THAT WHY WE DIED ago Like

Mr. Piccolo <_< ago Like

Ten'ou Haruka I better be in this s[BLEEP]t. And I better be animated. And every curve of my magnificent ass must be perfectly lit and rendered when I drop my henshin. ago Like

Tomoe Hotaru Well she *is* in super form... ago Like

Ten'ou Haruka I'll say it's super... ago Like

Kaioh Michiru HARUKA! ago Like

Ten'ou Haruka *flee* ago Like