Suburban Senshi Chat #2001 - “Puppy love”
#2001 “Puppy love”

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Furuhata Motoki
Oh how I wish I was a dog owner so I could dress them in this kawaii sexy outfits!!!
Smartly Dressed Seifuku Pups
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Furuhata Motoki

They are so amazing especially the jupiter one!! ago Like

Kino Makoto ... ago Like

Reverend H. Elios Mental help, yo, Mental Help... ago Like

Kino Makoto Ever since that time he started wearing those turtle suits, things have just gotten worse >< ago Like

Jay Daito How many Kamekichis is he up to now, like #10? ago Like

Aya Reiko Ara, I hear they keep getting crushed... ago Like

Furuhata Motoki HEY SHUT UP YOU SHOULD TALK JED ago Like

Furuhata Motoki

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Jay Daito That pimpleheaded simpleton who was portraying me was too weak of will! ago Like

Kino Makoto Maybe that's it... maybe the turtles just have some occult hold on him... maybe this can be broken! ago Like

Hino Rei ...keep dreaming, girlfriend. ago Like

hino indeed ago Like