Suburban Senshi Chat #1998 - “Fighting is Magic for the whole family”
#1998 “Fighting is Magic for the whole family”

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Furuhata Motoki
It looks like someponies got together and actually finished Fighting is Magic! I can't wait to have all my favorite ponies demonstrate the power of friendship by having them beat the snot out of each other! ago via Mobile WebCommentLike


Tomoe Hotaru "BODY" the word is SOME BODY. ago Like

Kaioh Michiru Don't get him thinking about "bodies" and "ponies" in the same sentence, dear :P ago Like

Ten'ou Haruka Oh god, it's too late, now I have that mental image >< ago Like

Furuhata Motoki There's nothing wrong with a pony's body! ago Like

Kino Makoto *facepalm* ago Like

Reverend H. Elios I am staying the F[BLEEP]K outta this conversation, yo >< ago Like

The Intern Hello? Is this thing working? ago Like


The Intern S-sorry, I'm just here to talk about improvements I'm making to the Suburban Senshi site! ago Like

Ten'ou Haruka (Because Xadium is so lazy) ago Like

Doctor Xadium I HEAR YOU ago Like

Jay Daito Don't you look like a certain potato-eating girl who faces imminent destruction by skinless titans? ago Like

The Intern I've heard that before... it's actually a case of Spatial Genetic Multiplicity... ago Like

Tomoe Hotaru Well I'll be damned, there actually *is* an explanation for everything... ago Like

Paisley Pythia Peinforte Get to the point, Time Girl, before they eat you alive :P ago Like

The Intern Oh! right! Well, after revamping the main site and then our tumblr site, I've also revamped the image gallery! There are new pictures, too! ago Like

Kaioh Michiru It has my name on it but I only see pictures of Xadium and the cowgirl :P ago Like

Gemini Sunrise Ah has a name :P ago Like

Kaioh Michiru And quite a ridiculous one it is, too, dear. ago Like

Gemini Sunrise .......... ago Like

Kaioh Michiru At any rate, Intern-san, thank you for placing the gallery in my esteemed hands. I shall be sure to make the best of this perfect opportunity! O HO HO HO HO HO HO HO! ago Like

Gemini Sunrise We can hardly wait, sugar :P ago Like

Ten'ou Haruka HARUKA X MICHIRU 100% HOT YESSS ago Like

Tomoe Hotaru ugh ago Like

Mr. Piccolo This is why Nameks lay eggs. ago Like