Suburban Senshi Chat #1997 - “The name of the game is "Sebastian Sorphens"”
#1997 “The name of the game is "Sebastian Sorphens"”

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Ten'ou Haruka
So John Travolta set a new standard for screwing up names at the Oscars, calling Idina Menzel "Adele Dazeem". Now there's a generator out there that will let him f[BLEEP]k up your name too. I tried it with mine and got "Tegan Hargision". You f[BLEEP]kers know the drill. ago via BlackBerryCommentLike


Jay Daito I am "Jodie" :/ ago Like

Tsukino Princess Usagi "Kristofer Cunningwham" .... ago Like


Tomoe Hotaru "Theodore Hazmaton" ago Like

Kaioh Michiru "Kayleigh Migiller" ago Like

hino "Robert" :/ ago Like

Ten'ou Haruka LOL ROBERT ago Like

Aino Minako "Antoine Marftinez" ago Like

Artemis D. Cat "Alexis" ago Like

Hino Rei I can just see a fanfic of this AU... and I'm "Hugo Ree." ago Like

Mizuno Ami "Mackenzie Ajams" ago Like

Kino Makoto "Keiron Mazzooon" ago Like

Karasuma Akane "Kara Allorn" ago Like

Reverend H. Elios "Ellis" ago Like

Aya Reiko "Ava Reezppo" ago Like

Meiou Setsuna "Micah Suzzivan" ago Like

Furuhata Motoki "Francesca Mazzooon" ago Like

Kino Makoto We're related! ago Like

Sakura X. Aino "Samantha Sandeem" ago Like

Doctor Xadium "Xander" ago Like

Gemini Sunrise "Gabrielle Shunter" ago Like

Dr. Mimi Hanyu "Mhairi Hargision" ago Like

Luna Ruxpin "Leona" ago Like

Serena Tsukino "Stephanie Thozomas" ago Like

Chiba Mamoru "Ciara Mazzooon" ago Like

Kino Makoto Another relative! ago Like

Captain Jack Harkness "Jak Harvis" ago Like

Michael Sunnyside III "Mitchel Suzzivan" ago Like

Ratchet Altair "Ritchie Allorn" ... ago Like

Kyu Bey "Kasey" ago Like

Clarissa M. Darling "Catriona Dorniels" ago Like

Franziska von Karma "Francesca Doon" ago Like

Paisley Pythia Peinforte "Poppy Phillips" ago Like

Ten'ou Haruka OMFG that is amazing and totally needs to be your popstar name ago Like

'Psycho' Sakura April "Samantha Allorn" ago Like

William H. Gates "Blair Greez" ago Like

Tony Stark "Tommy Smoith" ago Like

Ten'ou Haruka Smoith? That's so c[BLEEP]kney ago Like

Tony Stark Damn right, Guv ago Like


<CÚst la Vie> Evil Demented Scientists should never forcibly hijack the easily controlled minds of simple electronic women!! As the Soldier of Love and Justice, I won't permit you to interfere in this sick artificial love between a Dark General and his talking puppet!! Hugo DeGaris and Stephen Hawking might permit it, but I won't!! Undo your damage or in the name of Venus I will PUNISH YOU!!
<// J_Daito //> Your speech has punished me enough