Suburban Senshi Chat #1988 - “Return of the Drunken Fist ”
#1988 “Return of the Drunken Fist ”

[02:30] *** Tue Oct 15 2013 - LOGGING START ***
[02:30] *** Topic is - IRC IS STILL A THING, KIDS -
[02:30] *** Set by PROFESSOR_SOUICHI_TOMOE on Tue Oct 15 02:30 2013

[02:31] <@Tenou_Haruka> god i am so drunk right now i hit the Mirc icon thought it was merc like half life 2 or fallout or some s[BLEEP]t
[02:31] <@Tenou_Haruka> and s[BLEEP]t, the irc thing is still like... alive
[02:31] <@Tenou_Haruka> but no one is here
[02:31] <> i am here
[02:31] <@Tenou_Haruka> HOLY S[BLEEP]T why are you here
[02:31] <> ... i am always here
[02:33] <> the selfless miko / guardian of this chat room / are you that stupid
[02:33] <@Tenou_Haruka> why are lke
[02:33] <@Tenou_Haruka> why are like our handles different
[02:33] <> some sort of real name policy in #suburbansenshi
[02:33] <@Tenou_Haruka> oh what the f[BLEEP]k are we GOOGLE now
[02:34] <@Tenou_Haruka> GOOGLE where you have to use your REAL name and your REAL FACE so they can sell REAL ADS to REAL people but not give you REAL MONIES for it
[02:34] <> why do you constantly say 'real'
[02:34] <@Tenou_Haruka> Because I'm REALly drunk right now
[02:34] <@Tenou_Haruka> and this is one hell of a goddamn nostagliga trip
[02:35] <@Tenou_Haruka> ^nostalgia
[02:35] <> it is late; go sober up
[02:35] <@Tenou_Haruka> I dun wanna i am awesome in this mode
[02:35] <@Tenou_Haruka> this is where is ee my blond hotness in the mirror and believe i am teh super saiyan
[02:36] <> ...this is where i come over there and punch you in the face until you pass out and then i deposit you at the feet of your wife as she laments her fate in life
[02:36] <@Tenou_Haruka> but you're you, one punch to my face and i'm goddamn decapitated
[02:37] <> yes; prepare to meet your god
[02:37] <King_Kai> HEY LEAVE ME OUT OF THIS
[02:37] <@Tenou_Haruka> ...
[02:38] <@Tenou_Haruka> WHY ARE YOU HERE KING KAI
[02:38] <@Tenou_Haruka> IS SOMETHING BAD GOING TO HAPPEN?!
[02:38] <King_Kai> Yes! I'm afraid you're going to bend over and give us all a horrible view of your butt!
[02:39] <@Tenou_Haruka> MY ASS IS PERFECTLY FORMED
[02:39] <> more like you're a perfectly formed ass :P
[02:39] <King_Kai> AHAHAHAHAH that was a good one,!
[02:40] <> ^^
[02:40] <@Tenou_Haruka> you all suck. you all suck so bad and I'm not your friend anymore :P
[02:40] * @Tenou_Haruka is away: *BENDING OVER, SUCK IT KAIOU-SAMA*
[02:41] <> /facepalm
[02:41] <> ...if only that were an irc command
[02:41] <> it would be the best irc command
[02:41] *** Tue Oct 15 2013 - LOGGING STOP ***