Suburban Senshi Chat #1971 - “Budokai 2k13: Round of 16 - Kurosaki Ichigo vs”
#1971 “Budokai 2k13: Round of 16 - Kurosaki Ichigo vs”

Suburban Senshi: Tenka'ichi Budokai

[10:34] <[gTV]Red_Crow> Welcome one, welcome all, to the FORTIETH Tenka-ichi Budokai, the premier martial arts tournament in the world!
[10:34] <=( KiNG KAi )=> World, think universe!
[10:35] <[gTV]Red_Crow> Whoa, where's Aya? And are you really Kaiou-sama?
[10:35] <=( KiNG KAi )=> That's right, I've gome from my planet int he afterlife to see this historic match!
[10:36] *** Kurosaki Ichigo has joined #budokai
[10:37] <[gTV]Red_Crow> We've got a few new competitors this year, big names from the rest of the world, just like it should be for a tournament of the Budokai's stature. I don't knwo much about this guy though, can you fill me in?
[10:37] * Kurosaki Ichigo looks around at the massive arena and the throngs of people, sweating a bit
[10:40] <=( KiNG KAi )=> Kurosaki Ichigo is a "substitute shinigami" whose job involves maintaining the balance of souls between the mortal world and the afterlife! He's one of the rare living people who've managed to hold down the job. For more information, you can google it!
[10:40] <Kurosaki Ichigo> Oi... why am In this tournament again?
[10:41] <=( KiNG KAi )=> because the Gotei 13 wanted to send a representative to the Budokai to show how awesome Shinigami are!
[10:41] <Kurosaki Ichigo> ...Swell.
[10:45] <Kurosaki Ichigo> So who's my opponent again, some kind of robot?
[10:46] *** spiritflame [] has joined #budokai
[10:46] *** @SpeedRcrX sets mode +o spiritflame

[10:46] <=( KiNG KAi )=> Oh this is going to be good *giggle*
[10:46] <[gTV]Red_Crow> no s[BLEEP]t
[10:46] * @spiritflame bows
[10:47] * Kurosaki Ichigo narrows his eyes, trying to gauge her power level, but comes up blank
[10:47] <Kurosaki Ichigo> Umm... should you really be here...?
[10:47] <@spiritflame> ¬_¬
[10:48] ☼ Scouter indicates spiritflame has BROKEN THE LIMIT!!
[10:48] <Kurosaki Ichigo> ...
[10:48] ☼ Scouter indicates spiritflame has HP and MP levels of 1E+084 / 1E+084!!
[10:48] <Kurosaki Ichigo> D:
[10:48] <Kurosaki Ichigo> WHAT THE F[BLEEP]K?!
[10:49] * Kurosaki Ichigo turns to the announcers
[10:49] <Kurosaki Ichigo> THAT'S JUST IMPOSSIBLE!
[10:49] <[gTV]Red_Crow>, no using your maximum power in the budokai, you know that :P
[10:49] ☼ Scouter indicates spiritflame's power is sealed.
[10:49] ☼ Scouter indicates spiritflame has HP and MP levels of 250 / 1000!!
[10:49] * @spiritflame smirks
[10:50] * Kurosaki Ichigo sweatdrops
[10:50] ☼ Scouter indicates Kurosaki Ichigo has HP and MP levels of 250 / 1000!!
[10:50] <Kurosaki Ichigo> I guess there's no sense in doing this halfway...
[10:50] <Kurosaki Ichigo> BANKAI!
[10:51] * Kurosaki Ichigo powers up in a blast of energy, his robes and sword transforming
[10:51] <=( KiNG KAi )=> Ooh, in this form he's much stronger and faster than usual!
[10:51] <spiritflame> Kurosaki Ichigo rolls 1d20 [ 3 ]
[10:51] <spiritflame> @spiritflame rolls 1d20 [ 17 ]
[10:52] <[gTV]Red_Crow> But this isn't good for him! The former champ has rolled insanely high and will take the first strike!
[10:52] * @spiritflame slowly cracks her knuckles
[10:53] * Kurosaki Ichigo shifts one foot back, bracing for an attack, not knowing what to expect
[10:54] * @spiritflame ZWEES right up to his face, punching one fist at his chest
[10:54] [250 HP / 900 MP] spiritflame unleashes a 47 hit COMBO! (-100 MP) [ /sell 3]
[10:54] [97 HP / 1018 MP] Kurosaki Ichigo has been HIT!! (x 3 Hits) (153 damage)
[10:55] * Kurosaki Ichigo staggers back, feet digging gulleys into the ground as that one punch seems to have jackhammered into his chest almost 50 times
[10:55] <Kurosaki Ichigo> H-how did you...
[10:56] <[gTV]Red_Crow> Interesting, seems to want to do this as a test of martial arts skill!
[10:56] <Kurosaki Ichigo> Sorry lady, but
[10:56] <Kurosaki Ichigo> I'm not going to play that game!
[10:56] * Kurosaki Ichigo swings down his blade!
[10:56] [97 HP / 518 MP] SPECIAL ATK: Kurosaki Ichigo GETSUGA.... TENSHOU! (-500 MP)
[10:56] * Kurosaki Ichigo sends forth a huge crescent shaped wave of energy at
[10:57] [99 HP / 915 MP ] spiritflame has been HIT by a SPECIAL ATTACK!! (151 damage)
[10:57] * @spiritflame buckles back under the onslaught, one half of her body burned away
[10:58] <Kurosaki Ichigo> ...WHY DIDN'T YOU FREAKING DODGE?!
[10:58] <@spiritflame> heh.
[10:58] * @spiritflame cracks her neck
[10:58] <Kurosaki Ichigo> (She doesn't seem phased... O_o)
[10:59] * @spiritflame slowly brings her hands down to her sides
[10:59] <@spiritflame> Ka... me...
[10:59] <=( KiNG KAi )=> OH Man I think he got her angry!
[10:59] <Kurosaki Ichigo> ...Turtle?
[11:00] * A ball of energy appears by's hands...
[11:00] <@spiritflame> ha me...
[11:01] * Kurosaki Ichigo senses the power building as the tilework under starts to boil and bubble
[11:01] [99 HP / 415 MP] SPECIAL ATK: spiritflame HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! (-500 MP)
[11:01] * @spiritflame sends out a roiling beam of energy at Ichigo
[11:01] [-201 HP/ 544 MP] Kurosaki Ichigo has been STUNNED by a special attack and LOST A TURN! [ Opponent: Attack again ] (298 damage)
[11:01] Kurosaki Ichigo has BEEN DEFEATED!!!
[11:02] * Kurosaki Ichigo tires to block the blast with his forearm, but it's WAY too strong and TEARS into him, knocking his sword away and almost boiling him alive!
[11:03] * Kurosaki Ichigo drops to the ground, crispy fried
[11:03] <[gTV]Red_Crow> MEDIC!
[11:03] * @spiritflame stalks over to Ichigo, and kneels in front of him, forcing a senzu bean into his mouth
[11:03] * Kurosaki Ichigo is HEALED
[11:03] <Kurosaki Ichigo> O_o Wh-what the HELL are you, lady?!
[11:04] * @spiritflame smiles the beatific smile of a buddha
[11:04] <Kurosaki Ichigo> ......
[11:04] * @spiritflame helps him up
[11:04] <@spiritflame> next time, hand to hand.
[11:05] <Kurosaki Ichigo> ..Y-yah..
[11:06] <=( KiNG KAi )=> Whoo! That was a "shocking" experience for the young Kurosaki! But there's no debating the quality of ex-champion! There's a reason I chose her to be my successor!
[11:06] * @spiritflame bows to Kaiou-sama.
[11:07] <[gTV]Red_Crow> Looks like you'll have some explaining to do, Ichigo!
[11:08] * Kurosaki Ichigo looks to the stands, where the other members of the Gotei 13 are looking at him with a mixture of schocked looks, dissappointment and facepalms... but one member, Kenpachi Zaraki... is eyeing with a demonic grin...
[11:10] <=( KiNG KAi )=> Next time, it's a rematch from 2006! Mother vs. Altenate Timeline Daughter, as it's Venus vs Venus! Aino Minako, back from the dead, versus Sakura Xadium Aino, who's fighting her last Budokai match before retirement!
[11:11] <[gTV]Red_Crow> See you then!