Suburban Senshi Chat #1969 - “Budokai 2k13: Preambulatory Smacktalk”
#1969 “Budokai 2k13: Preambulatory Smacktalk”

Suburban Senshi
#thesuburbansenshikickass chat log - March 25, 2013, 6:53 pm
Karasuma Akane:   The 2013 Budokai Brackets are up. Some famous faces in the crowd for the 40th Great Tournament.
Aino Minako:   ... I DID THIS FIGHT IN 2006
Sakura X. Aino:   Yeah well I believe we had a bet riding on that that you welched out of after I owned you :P
Ten'ou Haruka:   WE need to hurry up and get revived so I can kick everyone's ass and finally assert my dominance as the alpha-badass.
Reverend H. Elios:   Yo yo yo, don't be in such a hurry to get your ass beat, yo
Meiou Setsuna:   I will make my triumphant return DANCING ON YOUR BROKEN BONES VON KARMA
Franziska von Karma:   We'll see about that. My further training with Piccolo has gone extremely well.
Gemini Sunrise:   An' ah gotta beat him <_<
Tsukino Princess Usagi:   o sit i gat 2 dew goko
Ten'ou Haruka:   NO BAD MENTAL TOUCH
Tsukino Princess Usagi:   i wandar af he gews sopar sayun wen hi cu