Suburban Senshi Chat #1961 - “Yeah yeah, we know. ”
#1961 “Yeah yeah, we know. ”

Suburban Senshi
#thesuburbansenshikickass chat log - March 14, 2013, 12:04 am
Franziska von Karma:   Xadium... you foolish fool, what has become of my game?
Doctor Xadium:   I've been distracted with the site redesign... it's on the back burner... <_<
Gemini Sunrise:   ...Jus' like Sakura Project, huh :/
Franziska von Karma:   ...Miss Gemini Sunrise, I should tell you I am strongly leaning towards whipping your husband to within an inch of his life at this moment ¬_¬
Gemini Sunrise:   Ah think Ah'm with you on that one <_<
Doctor Xadium:   What wait what?!
Meiou Setsuna:   Don't feel too badly, the site is a litany of unfinished works.
Doctor Xadium:   YOU'LL SEE. YOU'LL ALL SEE
Franziska von Karma:   ALL YOU'RE GOING TO SEE IS MY WHIP!!!
Reverend H. Elios:   kinky, yo!
Franziska von Karma:   YOU FIRST. D:<