Suburban Senshi Chat #1955 - “Appearing <S>Beautifully</S>, it is Ultra Sailor Neptune! ”
#1955 “Appearing Beautifully, it is Ultra Sailor Neptune! ”

Suburban Senshi
And now, it is my turn to make a grand retour upon the stage...
Kaioh Michiru - 12:43 AM 03/03/13

Ten'ou Haruka - 12:43 AM 03/03/13
Overrrated :P
Meiou Setsuna - 12:43 AM 03/03/13
SOUICHI TOMOE - 12:44 AM 03/03/13
(Those aren't his thumbs)
Tomoe Hotaru - 12:44 AM 03/03/13
(I know, dear. I know)
Kaioh Michiru - 12:44 AM 03/03/13



<--=[ SpeedRcrX ]=--> Man I can empathize with this guy, I mean DAMN I have to unleash attack after attack, she just waves the damn STICK around and monster dies. Why TF can't WE get to wave the stick every now and then?
<// J_Daito //> I wave the stick all the time