Suburban Senshi Chat #1952 - “ARISE ye Slackers, and Slack”
#1952 “ARISE ye Slackers, and Slack”

Suburban Senshi
Ooh, looks like it's my turn to have a go at this! This one is for TRUE denizens of the early internet: The Arise, the SubGenius video (NSFW)
Paisley Pythia Peinforte - 09:33 AM 02/27/13

Oh man I remember getting text files about these guys
Clarissa M. Darling - 09:33 AM 02/27/13
Sakura X. Aino - 09:34 AM 02/27/13
Don't be led astray by false prophets! Enter into me and I'll give you a wish!!
Kyu Bey - 09:34 AM 02/27/13