Suburban Senshi Chat #1950 - “A new dawn breaks... a table over your heads. ”
#1950 “A new dawn breaks... a table over your heads. ”

Suburban Senshi
This is my motehrf[BLEEP]king declaration of INDEPENDENCE. VIVA LA SUBURBAN SENSHI!
Ten'ou Haruka - 07:08 PM 02/26/13

...I am so, so very ashamed and sorry for all of us, in all possible senses of the word.
Tomoe Hotaru - 07:10 PM 02/26/13
Just had to go and get in on a meme BEFORE IT died for once, eh, Ten'ou?
Jay Daito - 07:11 PM 02/26/13
Thank god I wasn't in that foolish moshpit of foolish fools gyrating madly.
Franziska von Karma - 07:12 PM 02/26/13
kyu-kyu-chan wanted an invitation...
Kyu Bey - 07:12 PM 02/26/13
STOP ACTING CUTE YOU SADISTIC FR... is that a pimp hat?
Artemis D. Cat - 07:13 PM 02/26/13
kyu-kyu-chan is incorporating...
Kyu Bey - 07:13 PM 02/26/13
hay bich. dis iz MAI SYDE OV DA STREAT!!!1
Tsukino Princess Usagi - 07:13 PM 02/26/13
This will either be hilarious or hilaribad. Also, that picture makes me want to make a slash.
Paisley Pythia Peinforte - 07:14 PM 02/26/13
NO. No. Do that and I will gut you personally.
Tomoe Hotaru - 07:14 PM 02/26/13
civil discourse, everyone :/
hino - 07:14 PM 02/26/13