Suburban Senshi Chat #1946 - “Context”
#1946 “Context”

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Artemis D. Cat
is so happy right now <_< ago via iPhoneCommentLike


Tomoe Hotaru [DEAD] Why? ago

Artemis D. Cat I shouldn't say... not in mixed company <_< ago

Tomoe Hotaru [DEAD] Oh come on. You can tell me. ago

Artemis D. Cat Well I recently got back together with Mishka and she sent me a rather... awesome text ago

Jay Daito Mishka the Gollum-cat? ago

Artemis D. Cat She had plastic surgery man >< ago

Jay Daito Did it enhance the good bits? ago

Tomoe Hotaru [DEAD] So what did she say? ago

Artemis D. Cat Well I asked her "What do you want to do tonight?" ago

Artemis D. Cat And she texted back "F[BLEEP]k you. Make dinner. F[BLEEP]k you again. Snuggle." <_< ago

Tomoe Hotaru [DEAD] ...oh, my. ago

Artemis D. Cat I kjow <_< <3 ago

Jay Daito Umm... you know she has Tourette's, right ago

Artemis D. Cat what ago

Jay Daito It's true ago

Artemis D. Cat OH GOD DAMMIT ago



<Mdm_Maestro> Oh Jedite, whatever will you do with a woman who has free will?
<// J_Daito //> Subjugate her RUTHLESSLY AND COMPLETELY!
<--=[ SpeedRcrX ]=--> Uhh, Jed, welcome to the 21st century?
<// J_Daito //> You're RIGHT! I'll have to BUY HER OFF first, with lots of presents and sweets! THEN CRUSH HER SPIRIT INTO A FINE PASTE!!