Suburban Senshi Chat #1942 - “PETA says you Gotta Save 'Em all!”
#1942 “PETA says you Gotta Save 'Em all!”

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Artemis D. Cat
See I knew this all along, that Pokémon was just a front for cruel animal abuse. PETA agrees with me, and now they've made a game about it-- Pokémon Black and Blue. PREACH IT AND SAVE MY POKÉBROTHERS ago via iPhoneCommentLike


Ten'ou Haruka [DEAD] DaFuQ ago

Jay Daito purposesfully botches all attacks so as to kill his Pokeymen ago

Artemis D. Cat YOU MONSTER ago

Jay Daito Why thank you ♡ ago



<--=[ SpeedRcrX ]=--> It had the BADDEST fight scenes, drama and plot twists, it was SUPERINCREDBILETASTIC!!!!
<FireFly_9> What was this, "Return of the King?"
<--=[ SpeedRcrX ]=--> Hell no, unless if by "King" you mean "Luigi the Plumber"!