Suburban Senshi Chat #1941 - “ kicking ass for almost 10 years”
#1941 “ kicking ass for almost 10 years”

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do not take me for granted :/
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Ten'ou Haruka [DEAD] Oh s[BLEEP]t, kinda glad I'm still dead right now ago

Jay Daito hot :3 ago

Sakura X. Aino WHOO GO R-CHAN! ago

hino ^_^ ago

Ten'ou Haruka [DEAD] I find it scarier when she's being cute >< ago


I personally like the new look :D It's very fitting ^_^

Kuri-Kara • 10/07/12 04:27am


<FireFly_9> We don't have time to worry about that right now, Jedite. Besides, right now it's a Luna / Ruxpin / Artemis / Chibiusa love Rhomboid.