Suburban Senshi Chat #1934 - “Windows Defender not defending your right to block”
#1934 “Windows Defender not defending your right to block”

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Mizuno Ami
For those of you who modify Windows' Host file to block sites for whatever reason, be warned you'll have to stop using Windows Defender in Window s8 if you want to keep doing this. ago via AndroidCommentLike


William H. Gates Progress! ago

Tony Stark More like "yeah we don't want people bypassing ad servers because our store gets monies from them" amirite? ago

Ten'ou Haruka Ba[BLEEP]rds! I'll just keep using Norton ago

Tony Stark Yes enjoy your electronic AIDS ago

Mizuno Ami I would point out Mizunomics has an excellent security package. ago

William H. Gates Yeah only fi you like having Muznomics searching all over your machine every day ago



[16:24] <FireFly_9> Sempai are you sure you can take care of Xadium-san?
[16:24] <Nurse_Minako> Hai, Hai... I have him muscle relaxants...
[16:24] * Nurse_Minako notes X-chan is a pile of goo right now who can't move at all
[16:25] <=^catablanca^=> Gah that reminds me of snakes who paralyze their prey with venom and then move in for the kill