Suburban Senshi IRC Chat #193: “Ph33r SuperGranny!!!”
#193: “Ph33r SuperGranny!!!”

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<// J_Daito //> Old Human women are truly fearsome.
<FireFly_9> Eh?
<// J_Daito //> Hheheh... apparently six boneheaded airport security guards decided to try and detain an old woman
<// J_Daito //> in a wheelchair
<FireFly_9> Of course, because we all know that old women in wheelchairs fit that key jihadist demographic.
<// J_Daito //> You don't understand, Hotaru
<FireFly_9> ?
<// J_Daito //> She made them *pay* for their insolence
<FireFly_9> Lawsuit?
<// J_Daito //> Metallia, no! THEY sued HER!
<FireFly_9> Wait... I thought you said
<// J_Daito //> The OLD WOMAN took them OUT!
<FireFly_9> ?!
<// J_Daito //> "one guard... who looked like was drunk, and had his shirt out, told this woman she couldn't board the plane unless
<// J_Daito //> they searched her. He was really rude. That's when the trouble started."
<// J_Daito //> "Videotapes showed that Gordon (the woman) ran the guard down with her motorized wheelchair,
* FireFly 9 raises an eyebrow
<// J_Daito //> then sat on top of the screaming man while spinning her chair in circles. "It was amazing," said another witness,
<// J_Daito //> a Scott Ryan. "The whole crowd just stood there cheering and clapping. I mean, she was whupping butt."
<FireFly_9> So... they sued her?
<// J_Daito //> Yes, all six of the incompetent buffoons sued her after she taught them their lesson
<// J_Daito //> they LOST
* FireFly_9 chuckles
<// J_Daito //> "Justice has been served," said the 95-pound mother of three and grandmother of six, as she sat in her wheelchair, aided in her breathing by an oxygen bottle.
<FireFly_9> *laughs*
<// J_Daito //> "Now I'm going to sue every fool in the federal government for ignorance, stupidity, and just plain general incompetence. I'm an American, and I won't be treated like this."
<FireFly_9> *shakes head*
<FireFly_9> Unbelievable. It takes an almost 100 year old woman to take a stand.
<// J_Daito //> Heh
<// J_Daito //> The whole story is here
<// J_Daito //>
<FireFly_9> The article is hilarious!
<FireFly_9> "The tapes clearly showed her leaning over and yelling, "Apologize to me, you fat sumbitch, or when I'm done with you you'll just be a greasy spot on the floor!"
<// J_Daito //> Go, granny!!
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