Suburban Senshi Chat #1924 - “The Dork Knight Rises”
#1924 “The Dork Knight Rises”

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Tomoe Hotaru
Ryan has provided a link to the Dark Knight Rises Soundtrack preview, with all the tracks in their entirety. ago via BlackBerryCommentLike


Ten'ou Haruka Haruka has provided cream in her shorts ago

Kino Makoto EWWW ago

Ten'ou Haruka What I dropped the tub of whipped cream ago

Tomoe Hotaru Riiight. ago

Ten'ou Haruka Hey it's not my fault I'm the Awesome Badass parental figure you don't deserve but need. ago

Tomoe Hotaru Any attempts to equate yourself to the Batman are doomed to instant fail. ago

Jay Daito I don't know, Goth no Senshi... after all, a flying rat? IS that a hard bar for Ten'ou to meet? ago

Tomoe Hotaru Good point ago

Ten'ou Haruka THAT'S RIGHT I ... WHAT ago


Haruka with shorts full of whipped-cream... Now there's an interesting idea.

Josh [e-mail] • 07/10/12 11:40pm


[01:37] <FireFly_9> You still keep in touch with the s[BLEEP]tennou?
[01:38] <// J_Daito //> What can I say, it's like a sewing circle of evil using human lives instead of knitting needles