Suburban Senshi Chat #1923 - “Sailor Moon returns in 2013. O_o”
#1923 “Sailor Moon returns in 2013. O_o”

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Jay Daito
So hell has frozen over. A New Sailor Moon Anime is coming in 2013. ago CommentLike


Ten'ou Haruka MY ROYALTIES ago

Reverend H. Elios Yo they said it will be a better retelling aimed at older kids yo does that mean more love-love scenes with you and Kaioh yo? ago

Tomoe Hotaru Why would you want to see that? Why would ANYONE want to see that?! ago

Jay Daito Yes, Ten'ou just looks like a man with Gyneomastia. ago

Ten'ou Haruka F[BLEEP]K OFF ago

Reverend H. Elios I hope you do, yo~ ago

Tomoe Hotaru SICK ago

Reverend H. Elios Exactly :3 ago

Tomoe Hotaru Not in that way :P ago

Aino Minako Wai!! Wai!! hopefully they cover Sailor V in more detail!! ago

Jay Daito ahahah you sad girl. The best "Coverage" Sailor V got was when she was still married at night :P ago

Aino Minako ......... I'LL KILL YOU. Besides, Trunks-kun gives her excellent coverage~ ago

Tomoe Hotaru *fingers in ears* LA LA LA LA ago

Ten'ou Haruka Are you singing the theme song? I think you're singing the theme song. ago

Tomoe Hotaru GRAAAH ago

Doctor Xadium That's what I'll say when the Stars Arc is adapted. ago


Yeah, it could be that bad. I just hope it isn't. But, we may never know until it comes out.

Ren Crowler [e-mail] • 07/07/12 12:06am


<// J_Daito //> Gee, Ten'ou, let's see... an evil dark General who looks upon humans as ants, a whacked out mad scientist who summons demons for fun, an in-denial goth with eschatological fixations and a Kamikaze complex, a holier-than-thou "sensitive" artist who thinks she can single-handedly elevate the rest of society to "her" level
A who only speaks in Haiku, a radioactive fungus child with the IQ of navel lint, a pedophilic rapping beastiality boy and a car-obsessed wrestling fanatic cross-dressing maniac who out machos macho MEN.... not to mention "Sailor Malaprop 10000"...
Yeah, we'd fit RIGHT IN.