Suburban Senshi Chat #1918 - “Life is change is life is strange”
#1918 “Life is change is life is strange”

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Doctor Xadium
Is having such mixed thoughts about the big changes coming to SS ago via iPhoneCommentLike


Ten'ou Haruka So you're finally going to retire the blog? I never even got back to 2000 posts :/ ago

Tomoe Hotaru What is your obsession with 2000 posts?! ago

Ten'ou Haruka Hey I would have made it there YEARS ago if X hadn't purged out the damn database ago

Gemini Sunrise An thought he wasn't closin' it down so much as hidin' it away... ago

Jay Daito It's a reversal In the beginning, there was the blog, and the chat was tucked away. Then, as time went on and we all go too busy for the blog, the chat became more and more important. ago

Artemis D. Cat Now it'll just be a footnote at the bottom... ago

Tomoe Hotaru I remember when the chat actually got started... and how. It was before our trip to Paris, and we wanted to make live updates to the site... the only way was to expose the IRC channel to the main site... ago

Aino Minako And then X-kun had the idea to let other people in!! ago

Karasuma Akane And so history was made? ago

Doctor Xadium I just feel kind of weird actually flipping the switch on this one... ago

Gemini Sunrise Well, y'barely update anymore, n' spend most time with th' chat... it makes sense t'put yer efforts where yer energy is? ago

Kaioh Michiru Hmph. Not like it affects us much. He only ever did pictures of you or Minako. ago

Gemini Sunrise Can we help it if th' fella has good taste? :P ago

Ratchet Altair Heh. Kaioh-san, if you think *you're* marginalized, you and I need to have a coffee sometime and I'll TELL you about marginalized. ago

Michael Sunnyside III So bitter :< ago


Michael Sunnyside III ...Didn't you make a devil's deal with Sailor Moon to get your powers back, and then gave them up again? ago

Meiou Setsuna That's NOT THE POINT ago

Tsukino Princess Usagi hshshs i dewnt c y ur batching, tings r god 4 mi ago

Meiou Setsuna Yes because you're inherited royalty. If you had to work for your living I'd like to see how far you get, "SMALL" lady :P ago

Tsukino Princess Usagi iz data krak on mai bast? ago

Tsukino Princess Usagi becaz i ken uze da slivar kistal 2 mak tit baggar ago

Jay Daito "mak tit baggar" ago

Tomoe Hotaru I love how this conversation started as a heartfelt reminiscence and then devolved into boob jokes. ago

Ten'ou Haruka It's what we do. ago



The era endeth as it began - with a joke. Bravo. But never forget this: from every ending comes a new beginning.

/throws some roses

Ryan • 06/16/12 07:38pm


<Mdm_Maestro> Hands up each one of us who has 18 million yen
* Mdm_Maestro raises her hand
* --=[ SpeedRcrX ]=-- raises hand
<Mdm_Maestro> hands up all those who have 18 millon yen *not* leeched from their wealthy live-in partners
<--=[ SpeedRcrX ]=--> Well if you're going to set impossible conditions I'm not playing anymore