Suburban Senshi Chat #1916 - “Bye Bye Xanga.... it's been a long road”
#1916 “Bye Bye Xanga.... it's been a long road”

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Doctor Xadium
So as of today... the old Xanga logs are no more. ago via iPhoneCommentLike


Ten'ou Haruka Wow... can't believe it's 8 years since that all started. ago

Gemini Sunrise So whut happens now? ago

Doctor Xadium Well for one thing, I notice there's starting to be a backlog of "Ask the Suburban Senshi" questions... ago

Aino Minako Hmph! You want me to host that again?!? ago

Doctor Xadium If you're not too busy with Trunks-kun :P ago

Aino Minako That was last week!! ago

Tomoe Hotaru Oh for the love of... who is it now!? ago

Aino Minako Still trunks-kun. ago

Tomoe Hotaru But... ago

Aino Minako I was just "busy" with him last week! ago

Aino Minako This week is for relaxing :3 ago

Tomoe Hotaru ::headdesk ago

Doctor Xadium I'm also going to see how best to make the site more community-based. ago

Franziska von Karma Is the wisdom of the crowds really a good idea, Doctor Xadium? ago

Doctor Xadium We shall see! ago