Suburban Senshi Chat #1915 - “Eurovision 2012 Preview Special! ”
#1915 “Eurovision 2012 Preview Special! ”

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Karasuma Akane
I have headache from the headsmashing I took at the Budokai and now I have to cover Eurovision. GREEAAAT.
0Rambo Amadeus - Euro Neuro (2012 Eurovision)
Semifinal one Eurovision Entry from Montenegro
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Franziska von Karma You were a worthy opponent, Karasuma Akane. ago

Karasuma Akane Thanks, but I still feel like I'm getitng my head beat in, every freaking song this year is a depressing balald ago

Aya Reiko Have some cheery Romania!


Ten'ou Haruka That cheered me right up ago

Tony Stark Me too. ago

Karasuma Akane Ehh, +1 for bagpipes I guess ago

Aino Minako Israel put out a good one this year too!


Jay Daito "Putting out" and you in the same sentence~ how ironic~ ago

Aino Minako HEY!!! ago

Jay Daito Hey~ ♡ ago

Franziska von Karma Mister Jedite, do you work this hard at being a foolish ass, or does this simply come naturally to you? ago

Sakura X. Aino LAWL San Marino's song is based on Facebook


William H. Gates Hahaha Facebok, that IPO sure went flat fast, huh ago

Meiou Setsuna WHY DIDN'T I SEE THAT COMING >< ago

Jay Daito I see Russia just mailed it in this year:


Ten'ou Haruka They probably had to do it or someone would get shot. ago

Karasuma Akane Iwish someone would shoot me ago

Reverend H. Elios LOL Austrian rap from "Tracks[BLEEP]ttaz"


Kaioh Michiru I wish Simon Cowell was judging this. So he would rip out his own intestines in self-defense and we would be rid of him. ago

Tsukino Princess Usagi hay moldovoa knoez hoe 2 parti


Tomoe Hotaru I like the twentysomething Irish Super Saiyans, myself:


Ratchet Altair Malta... what


Karasuma Akane That's the netherlands ago

Ratchet Altair Whoops ago

Captain Jack Harkness There really is a lack of mind-shattering awesome this year. ago

Michael Sunnyside III It's the recession, everything's made it boring :/ ago

Reverend H. Elios Sweden has a good dance track, though, yo:


Tony Stark No offense, Horseguy but that's a generic track you could find at any half-assed rave. ago

Ten'ou Haruka Oh god Flashdance flashbacks ago

Karasuma Akane Georgia... what ARE you thinking


Jay Daito LOL the South amirite ago

Franziska von Karma Georgia is an Eastern European nation, you foolish fool. ago

Jay Daito You suck all the joy of out of life, von Karma. ago

Captain Jack Harkness I think Turkey's has spunk


Ratchet Altair Jack, I never want to hear you talking about "spunk" again >< ago

Tony Stark Did the bad man traumatize you, Ratchet? Tell Uncle Tony where he touched you. Use the webcam. ago

Michael Sunnyside III Tony, do you HAVE to hit on everything that moves ago

Captain Jack Harkness No Mike, that's my job ago

Tony Stark defers to the master ago

Aino Minako Norway's pretty good


Dr. Mimi Hanyu I want him on my iPod... ago


Karasuma Akane France what


Tomoe Hotaru I miss the good old days...