Suburban Senshi Chat #1913 - “Budokai 2k12: Semifinal 2: Doctor Xadium vs Karasuma Akane”
#1913 “Budokai 2k12: Semifinal 2: Doctor Xadium vs Karasuma Akane”

Suburban Senshi: Tenka'ichi Budokai

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[12:04] <@SpeedRcrX> Ian Miller says I AM THE LEADER
[12:04] <catablanca> Jesus Christ not Miller.
[12:05] <catablanca> Perhaps I'll CUT YOU WITH MY CLAWS
[12:05] <@SpeedRcrX> .
[12:06] <@SpeedRcrX> You will be my kommandant
[12:06] <catablanca> Excellent
[12:06] <C'est_la_V> Good to see you're getting a job artemis
[12:06] <catablanca> You know what Mina SHUT UP
[12:07] <C'est_la_V> ...

welcome to #budokai

[21:16] <@Texas_Samurai> Well Y'all, after another really long delay, we's finally gettin' this here Rodeo back on th' road!
[21:17] <@Texas_Samurai> Git it? "Road-eo"?
[21:17] *** @Doctor Xadium [dasequis@datanode1.ttc780fff8.sen] has joined #budokai
[21:17] *** spiritflame sets mode +o @Doctor Xadium

[21:17] <+Luna-P> y0 @Doctor Xadium
[21:19] <@Texas_Samurai> Well if there's anythin' Ah love more than a good steak, n' a good pun, it's mah fella, and here he is now, Doc Xadium!
[21:19] ☼ Scouter indicates Doctor Xadium has HP and MP levels of 250 / 1001!!
[21:19] *** [gTV]Sailor Lead Crow [] has joined #budokai
[21:20] <@Texas_Samurai> An' here comes his opponent, from Ginga TV, "Lead Crow" Akane Karasuma!
[21:20] ☼ Scouter indicates Sailor Lead Crow has HP and MP levels of 250 / 1001!!
[21:20] * [gTV]Sailor Lead Crow grabs a mic
[21:21] <[gTV]Sailor Lead Crow> Xadium!
[21:21] * [gTV]Sailor Lead Crow poses, whip in hand, cracking it
[21:21] <[gTV]Sailor Lead Crow> I don't do this often, but...
[21:22] <[gTV]Sailor Lead Crow> Your time in this Tournament is over! While the American Bar Association and Perry Mason might allow it, I won't!
[21:22] <@Texas_Samurai> Is she... is she _givin' a SPEECH?!_
[21:23] <[gTV]Sailor Lead Crow> I am Sailor Lead Crow, and in the name of Planet Coronis, the Animamate Senshi and hell, all Senshi everywhere-- I WILL DEFEAT YOU!
[21:23] <spiritflame> [gTV]Sailor Lead Crow rolls 1d20 [ 12 ]
[21:23] * [gTV]Sailor Lead Crow tosses the mic down
[21:24] * @Doctor Xadium sweatdrops
[21:24] <spiritflame> @Doctor Xadium rolls 1d20 [ 3 ]
[21:24] <@Dоcтоʀ Xוυ> .........
[21:24] <@Texas_Samurai> Hot dang! Karasuma's Intro speech was SUPER EFFECTIVE!
[21:26] * [gTV]Sailor Lead Crow cracks her whip hard on the ground
[21:27] <[gTV]Sailor Lead Crow> I'll make this easy for you, X
[21:27] <[gTV]Sailor Lead Crow> Walk away now, and you'll still be able to walk.
[21:27] <@Dоcтоʀ Xוυ> ...
[21:27] * @Doctor Xadium just makes the Neo "bring it" motion
[21:28] [250 HP / 992 MP] Sailor Lead Crow LASHES out with her whip, grabbing X's left knee, then TWISTS violently to wrench it (-9 MP)
[21:28] [226 HP / 1012 MP] Doctor Xadium has been HIT!! (24 damage)
[21:28] * @Doctor Xadium is swept off his feet, knee pulled out of place, hitting the tile hard
[21:29] [226 HP / 992 MP] Doctor Xadium does a fluid handstand and nips up, pushing himself off the ground towards Crow, KICKING her in the head with his bad leg in order to reset the knee (-20 MP)
[21:29] [205 HP / 1008 MP] Sailor Lead Crow has taken a CRITICAL HIT!! (45 damage)
[21:30] <@Texas_Samurai> DANG that's th' most painful way t' reset a knee Ah ever seen!
[21:30] * [gTV]Sailor Lead Crow goes flying a few feet but lashes out and grabs X's arm with her whip to arrest her movement
[21:32] [205 HP / 508 MP] SPECIAL ATK: Sailor Lead Crow grabs her whip with both hands, JERKS it to one side and sends X spinning like a top into the Budokai building at high speed (-500 MP)
[21:32] [-58 HP/ 1047 MP] Doctor Xadium has taken a CRITICAL HIT from a Special Attack!! (284 damage)
[21:32] Doctor Xadium has BEEN DEFEATED!!!
[21:33] * @Doctor Xadium is SLAMMED into the building, nothing more than a blur, and CRASHES into it, the entire building falling down on top of him
[21:34] * @Doctor Xadium is buried in the rubble and doesn't move, hand twitching a bit
[21:34] <@Texas_Samurai> ...
[21:34] * [gTV]Sailor Lead Crow grabs the Mic as Gemini leaves the broadcast booth to dig out her husband
[21:34] <[gTV]Sailor Lead Crow> Von Karma!
[21:35] * [gTV]Sailor Lead Crow points to a camera
[21:35] <[gTV]Sailor Lead Crow> that's gonna be you after our match!
[21:35] <[gTV]Sailor Lead Crow> So you better get ready!
[21:36] <[gTV]Sailor Lead Crow> I said it before... and I'll say it again. I'm callling it now. This Budokai... will be MINE.

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