Suburban Senshi Chat #1912 - “Budokai 2k12: Interlude - Putting the screws to Akane”
#1912 “Budokai 2k12: Interlude - Putting the screws to Akane”

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Karasuma Akane is getting ready for her fight with Xadium in the budokai ago

Gemini Sunrise Don't kill him <_< ago

Karasuma Akane I can't... because i'd lose the match :P ago

Tomoe Hotaru Karuasuma-san... you're the last Senshi in the tournament. ago

Karasuma Akane Yeah, and...? ago

Ten'ou Haruka Well this is an old-school versus a new school thing, now ago

Karasuma Akane ... ago

Mizuno Ami The pride of all Sailor Senshi now rests on your shoulders! ago

Karasuma Akane WOW no pressure there ago

Franziska von Karma Heh. What is all this foolish talk of "old school" versus "new school". There is only a question of skill. ago

Ten'ou Haruka Man, we Sailor Senshi have been defending the WORLD. You and X are *attorneys*. What the hell, it's going to be RIDICULOUS if one of you wins. ago

Doctor Xadium Hey I beat in the past <_< ago

hino once; only once ago

Tony Stark Yeah I notice I wasn't invited to this little fight club. ago

Ten'ou Haruka So what Tony ago

Tony Stark You're not the only one with world-saving credentials under his belt, Haruka. ago

Aino Minako Tony-chan!! Tony-chan!! You should totally enter the Iron Man in the 40th Budokai next year!! ago

Tony Stark Hey, Minako babe~ How's everything going with that Trunks guy? Got tired of him yelling like he needs more fiber in his diet every time he powers up? ago

Aino Minako Oh, Tony-chan.... you're still a jackass ago

Tony Stark Hey. Guys. Super Saiyan powerups. They're like an ad for Metamucil, amirite? ago

Ten'ou Haruka Yup ago

Tomoe Hotaru S'truth ago

Reverend H. Elios w0rd ago

Aino Minako Yeah well you should hear him in bed!! ago

Tony Stark Oh god badmental image ago


hino ends this chat before things get worse ago