Suburban Senshi Chat #1906 - “Budokai 2k12 - Quarterfinal 1 - hino vs Kujou Subaru”
#1906 “Budokai 2k12 - Quarterfinal 1 - hino vs Kujou Subaru”

Suburban Senshi: Tenka'ichi Budokai

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[01:43] <FireFly_9> You're one to talk about people not learning lessons.
[01:43] <@SpeedRcrX> Hey I learned when was the last time I tried to kill you
[01:43] * FireFly_9 thinks back
[01:43] <@SpeedRcrX> Intentionally
[01:43] <FireFly_9> Oh, well if you're going to start qualifying it now :P

welcome to #budokai

[09:46] <[gTV]Sailor Lead Crow> now we make it to the Quarter-finals of the 39th Tenka-ichi Budokai!
[09:47] <@Texas_Samurai> Yup! It looks t'be amazin'!
[09:48] <[gTV]Sailor Lead Crow> for the rest of the matches, I'll be joined by by new broadcast partner, Gemini Sunrise, who'll be the J.R. to my Lawl... to my Taz. Aya's indisposed.
[09:49] * [gTV]Sailor Aluminum Siren is stuck in bed in Papaya hospital with food poisoning :/
[09:50] <@Texas_Samurai> Yeah... that Chinese food they serve out here? Ain't really Chinese. Or food, neither.
[09:52] <[gTV]Sailor Lead Crow> The first round of the Quarterfinal pits ex-champion and house favorite, hino, against newcomer Kujou Subaru, who's already scored some fairly impressive victories this tournament!
[09:52] *** spiritflame [] has joined #budokai
[09:52] *** @SpeedRcrX sets mode +o spiritflame

[09:52] *** Kujou Subaru [] has joined #budokai
[09:52] * @spiritflame and Subaru bow at each other respectfully.
[09:53] <@Texas_Samurai> Ah know Subaru from th' good ol' days, and she's a master tactician~ Ah wouldn't be so quick t' bet against her.
[09:53] <[gTV]Sailor Lead Crow> But's the immovable force! How will she fare~?
[09:54] ☼ Scouter indicates spiritflame has HP and MP levels of 250 / 1001!!
[09:54] ☼ Scouter indicates Kujou Subaru has HP and MP levels of 250 / 1001!!
[09:54] <Kujou Subaru> It will be an honor to compete directly against you.
[09:54] * Kujou Subaru unfurls one of her metal war fans
[09:54] <spiritflame> Kujou Subaru rolls 1d20 [ 20 ]
[09:55] <@Texas_Samurai> DANG! A perfect roll! That's whut Ah'd expect of Subaru!
[09:55] * @spiritflame slides one foot back and assumes a defensive position
[09:55] <spiritflame> @spiritflame rolls 1d20 [ 11 ]
[09:56] * @spiritflame remains calm, cool, and unreadable, glowing blue eyes unflinching
[10:01] * Kujou Subaru carefully considers.
[10:02] [250 HP / 980 MP] Kujou Subaru LEAPS over, stepping on her head, then kicking her in the back of the head as she passes by (-21 MP)
[10:02] [218 HP / 1053 MP] spiritflame has taken a CRITICAL HIT!! (32 damage)
[10:02] * @spiritflame JERKS forward, hit by the classic Wuxia-style attack
[10:03] [218 HP / 1026 MP] spiritflame keeping her vertical base, spins around and grasps Subaru-san's leg, SLAMMING her back down to the ring (-27 MP)
[10:03] [219 HP / 987 MP] Kujou Subaru has been HIT!! (31 damage)
[10:04] * Kujou Subaru CRASHES down towards the ground, slamming into the tiles.
[10:06] [219 HP / 948 MP] Kujou Subaru PUSHES off the ground, elevating herself a full six feet in the air at an angle, spinning and deploying her war fans, gouging at's left shoulder (-39 MP)
[10:06] [198 HP / 1059 MP] spiritflame has been STUNNED and LOST A TURN! (opponent go TWICE) (20 damage)
[10:07] * @spiritflame grunts as her left arm goes inoperable due to the limits she's imposed on herself in order to compete failry in the match
[10:07] * @spiritflame totters slightly, in shock
[10:08] [219 HP / 932 MP] Kujou Subaru lands eleganty in front of, then quickly sidesteps, ducking down and slashing out with her fans to take out the backs of's knees (-16 MP)
[10:09] [198 HP / 1063 MP] spiritflame has DODGED the attack! (0 damage)
[10:09] * @spiritflame manages to lean forward in her drunken totter at the last second to avoid damage
[10:09] * Kujou Subaru contemplates going all out but realizes that is folly against
[10:10] [219 HP / 926 MP] Kujou Subaru uses the fact that is off balance to kick her in the damaged shoulder hard, sending her down to the floor (-6 MP)
[10:10] [194 HP / 1068 MP] spiritflame has BLOCKED the attack! (4 damage)
[10:11] * @spiritflame SWIVELS at the last second and grabs Subaru-san's foor in her right hand.
[10:11] * @spiritflame now has control of her foot :3
[10:11] <[gTV]Sailor Lead Crow> THIS is why chuck norris high kicks don't work in real life, kids!
[10:11] <Kujou Subaru> Tch.
[10:12] [194 HP / 1055 MP] spiritflame TWISTS the foot hard to the left, slamming Subaru-san into the ground instead (-13 MP)
[10:12] [180 HP / 961 MP] Kujou Subaru has taken a CRITICAL HIT!! (39 damage)
[10:12] * Kujou Subaru CRASHES into the tiles of the arena floor, cracking them
[10:14] [180 HP / 959 MP] Kujou Subaru takes the moment to lock her legs around's, hauling herself up by her back, coming face-to-face with and striking her with several lightning-fast one-inch punches (-2 MP)
[10:14] [179 HP / 1062 MP] spiritflame has been HIT!! (15 damage)
[10:14] * @spiritflame staggers backwards, but remains on her feet
[10:14] [179 HP / 1036 MP] spiritflame HEADBUTTS Subaru-san to break the hold (-26 MP)
[10:14] [159 HP / 979 MP] Kujou Subaru has been HIT!! (21 damage)
[10:15] * Kujou Subaru is momentarily stunned and releases, falling back onto the tile floor
[10:15] <@Texas_Samurai> Looks like Subaru's havin' a tough time gettin' past those iron defenses!
[10:16] <[gTV]Sailor Lead Crow> even at an infinitesimal of her true power, is fearsome!
[10:17] [159 HP / 979 MP] Kujou Subaru throws her fans like boomerangs behind, then leans forward in anticipation of a dodge, and strikes at several key points in the solar plexus (-0 MP)
[10:17] [132 HP / 1064 MP] spiritflame has taken a CRITICAL HIT!! (47 damage)
[10:17] * @spiritflame , as predicted, ducked forward to avoid the fans, and gets the wind knocked out of her
[10:18] * @spiritflame shoves herself out of Subaru's line of attack
[10:19] [132 HP / 1045 MP] spiritflame presses her hands to the ground, hefts her body and spins around, lashing out a wicked sidekick at Subaru-san (-19 MP)
[10:19] [124 HP / 1028 MP] Kujou Subaru has been STUNNED and LOST A TURN! (opponent go TWICE) (35 damage)
[10:20] * Kujou Subaru takes the kick squarely to the head and lies on the ground, dizzy
[10:21] [132 HP / 1013 MP] spiritflame grabs Subaru by the feet, throws her in the air, LEAPS UP above her and SLAMS her in the stomach, sending her crashing back into the ring, exploding a crater on impacr (-32 MP)
[10:21] [121 HP / 1033 MP] Kujou Subaru has BLOCKED the attack! (3 damage)
[10:21] * Kujou Subaru rolls out of the way as she lands, the ground taking more of the shock than her body
[10:21] [132 HP / 995 MP] spiritflame lands on the ground and kicks Subaru hard in the ribs across the ring (-18 MP)
[10:22] [121 HP / 1034 MP] Kujou Subaru has DODGED the attack! (0 damage)
[10:22] * Kujou Subaru spins on the ground using her hands, avoiding the kick entirely
[10:22] * Kujou Subaru considers...
[10:23] [121 HP / 534 MP] SPECIAL ATK: Kujou Subaru seems to wildly throw her fans in the air--- they veer on crazy tangents... (-500 MP)
[10:23] <[gTV]Sailor Lead Crow> Is this a last-ditch desperation move by Subaru?
[10:24] [-18 HP/ 1013 MP] spiritflame has been HIT by a SPECIAL ATTACK!! (150 damage)
[10:24] spiritflame has BEEN DEFEATED!!!
[10:24] * @spiritflame turns to see where they're going, but one fan SLAMS into her left knee, SHATTERING it, and the other buries itself in her right shoulder
[10:24] * @spiritflame drops to the ground, immobile
[10:25] <@Texas_Samurai> HOLY COW! Subaru pulls it out with an amazin' final move!
[10:25] * Kujou Subaru walks over to and pulls out her fans,then waits for to heal up
[10:26] * @spiritflame heals her knee and shoulders, and extends a hand for subaru to help her up
[10:26] * Kujou Subaru smiles and helps up
[10:26] <@spiritflame> you were wise to not escalate early
[10:27] <Kujou Subaru> Subaru realized it was a fine balance to strike. Had the conflict continued longer , your endurance might have prevailed.
[10:27] * @spiritflame bows out of respect to the victor.
[10:28] <Kujou Subaru> Subaru is aware that had she missed... things might have been quite different.
[10:28] * Kujou Subaru returns the bow as the crowd cheers.
[10:28] <[gTV]Sailor Lead Crow> A master tactician indeed! Subaru Advances to the Quarterfinals, eliminating the house favorite!
[10:29] <@Texas_Samurai> Stay tuned, everybody, fer our next match, Miss Franziska von Karma versus that Crazy ol' Coot Professor Souichi Tomoe!

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