Suburban Senshi Chat #1876 - “The Saga continues unto accidental awesome”
#1876 “The Saga continues unto accidental awesome”

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Jay Daito
His friend Han was just trying to deflect Greedo's self-aimed blaster bolt with his own. This was always my vision. -- George Lucas ago CommentLike


Ten'ou Haruka Then it will go from "blasters" to walkie-talkies ago

Tomoe Hotaru No, that's Spielberg ago

Karasuma Akane Listen, all these re-edits are a good thing. ago

Ten'ou Haruka How so ago

Karasuma Akane Because eventually it'll get re-edited to the point where something accidentally awesome will re-emerge, like order out of chaos. One day you might be watching the movie and see this:


Jay Daito It can't be any worse than the stripper peep show Art Carney sold Chewbacca's dad in in the Holiday Special. ago



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