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#1875 “DO THE MATH. OR DIE. ”

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Jay Daito
Thomas Thief sneaked into a zoo late last night and kidnapped 791 porcupines. 105 porcupines stabbed him with their quills and escaped. Thomas was enraged. He boiled half the remaining porcupines in a huge cauldron and grilled the other half. a) How many poor porcupines did not escape? b) How many porcupines did evil Thomas grill? ago CommentLike


Karasuma Akane What the hell ago

Jay Daito When I was sleeping in a forest last night, 2555 fire ants crawled up my nose and built a nest in my brain. I woke up screaming the next morning. My distraught mother rushed me to hospital for an emergency operation. The doctor was able to kill 1953 fire ants. The remaining ants in my brain formed themselves into 7 equal-sized groups and fled to 7 different organs in my body, one being my stomach. a) How many fire ants escaped? b) How many ants fled to my stomach? ago

Karasuma Akane What is this? ago

Jay Daito My brother and sister kept 263 trolls in a huge cage in our backyard. They went into the jungle yesterday and caught more trolls. When they came back home, they brought back 8 sacks and 7 boxes. There were 8 crying trolls in each sack and 7 shrieking trolls in each box. They threw the trolls into the cage with the other trolls. How many trolls are in the cage now? ago

Karasuma Akane WHAT IS THIS?! ago

Jay Daito Aspirant Snark found these awesome math problems (PDF). I can't stop solving them! ago

Karasuma Akane I can see the attraction... ago

Jay Daito Some weak parents couldn't handle the awesome and had teachers using these problems fired. Goddamn soccer moms. ago

Karasuma Akane Yeah, I mean how else can you get third graders to do math ago