Suburban Senshi Chat #1874 - “Meditations on Forgiveness and the Difficulties thereof”
#1874 “Meditations on Forgiveness and the Difficulties thereof”

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Doctor Xadium
finds it harder to forgive than he truly knows it should be ago via iPhoneCommentLike


Jay Daito Why should you forgive anything? You got f[BLEEP]ked over hardcore. Some wounds don't heal because they're legitimately too deep to do so ago

Doctor Xadium It's not forgiving the wound so much as the inflictor ago

Gemini Sunrise Th' thing t'remember is this-- y'all don't truly know anybody else's story. Everybody's fightin' a tough, crazy battle'n their own lives totally unknown t'ya. Th' people whut do ya harm are jus' th' tip of a crazy, messed-up iceberg of troubles that happened t' crash yer way ago

Tomoe Hotaru That outlook totally removes agency from the one doing the harm, though, Sunrise-san. ago

Gemini Sunrise No it don't-- alls Ah'm tryin' t'say is y'don't know th' true story behind th' hurt. Sometimes, all right, it's pure malice. But sometimes it ain't. And if y'aint sure which it is, n'you wanna fergive, why not err on th' side of givin' th' benefit of th' doubt? ago

Jay Daito Because you're not a Pollyanna-esque sucker? ago

Doctor Xadium It's not that I don't want to forgive-- I already decided to long ago... But why am I still angry? ago

Jay Daito Because forgiveness doesn't cure a stab wound to the heart? ago

Doctor Xadium But it's been ages this is retarded ago

Gemini Sunrise Focus on th' good stuff in yer life, th' bad stuff won't seem so bad after. ago

Artemis D. Cat What do you do when your life is just an epic fail :( ago

Jay Daito You fulfill your destiny by becoming a tasty, well-prepared meal at my table, knowing that in the end you were at least able to serve on glorious, successful purpose--sating my hunger for meat. ago

Furuhata Motoki You can't have his meat! ago

Aino Minako In before jokes about motoki-san wanting Artemis' meat ago

Tomoe Hotaru GROSS! ago