Suburban Senshi Chat #1872 - “Screw the past; the past screwed you. ”
#1872 “Screw the past; the past screwed you. ”

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Doctor Xadium
Sometimes you have to stay mad at people who've betrayed you in the past, just to keep them from hurting you again ago via iPhoneCommentLike


Gemini Sunrise Remember, darlin', it's always best t'fergive n' fergit ago

Ten'ou Haruka Forgive? Sure. But *forget*? No way. Rose-colored glasses are the number one killer of bleeding hearts everywhere ago

hino desire is the root of all suffering, says the Buddha ago

Aino Minako He'a also kind of dead, so it's easy for him to talk!! ago

Tomoe Hotaru I would think dead men would have a spectacularly hard time talking ago

Jay Daito I find when dealing with a strong case of nostalgitis it's best to remember all the bulls[BLEEP]t the supposedly amazing addition to your life put you through before finally bringing the axe down; it hurts like a b[BLEEP]ch but you're not worshipping at the feet of a fallen idol who in reality could give two s[BLEEP]ts about whether you're alive or dead at the current moment ago

Ten'ou Haruka Yeah you just end up feeling like a tool for ever having gone down that road ago

Doctor Xadium :/ ago

Jay Daito Face it in the game of life we're all sheep over minefields at one point or another ago

Ten'ou Haruka Or many points <_< ago

Furuhata Motoki Or all of them... ago

Reverend H. Elios No dude you're the one driving the sheep onto the minefields, yo; they be running' from yo molestin' ass, yo ago