Suburban Senshi Chat #1870 - “Drunken late night Spammercise”
#1870 “Drunken late night Spammercise”

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Doctor Xadium
Oh god I spent hours last night cleaning up spam from the Sakura Project Wiki and I'm still not done, there's still like 500 spam entries to clear ago via iPhoneCommentLike


Gemini Sunrise *hugs* ago


Doctor Xadium There were over 1000 fake accounts ~_~ ago

Jay Daito Do you know how hard I have to work my North Korean minions!? ago

Jay Daito Now they have to all take turns at the internet terminal again ago

Doctor Xadium If I wasn't so tired I'd hurt you, Jedite ago


Doctor Xadium So tired that I feel like Drunk Eliza ago

Jay Daito I tried to get a chatbot drunk once. She ended up becoming a demigod ago

hino :/ ago

Gemini Sunrise Ah don't understand this "Spam" thang, why do they do it? ago

Doctor Xadium Dunno. It's not like the articles even make any sense. Fro example one of them is called "Boost your wellness high-quality at dwelling with carpet cleaning". What does that have to do with Sakura Taisen!? ago

Sakura X. Aino You ever seen Kanna drunk and the aftereffects? If you had, you'd see the relevance. ago

Doctor Xadium ... okay kid. Challenge accepted. "Blue Christmas Pig Porky Sings". ago

Sakura X. Aino Oogami trying to perform in one of our tight outfits on stage after overeating. ago

Doctor Xadium "Camfrog Video Chat User Guide" ago

Sakura X. Aino Kohran kept using the steamputers to try and find dates with other engineers... but kept blowing them up. ago

Doctor Xadium ..."Dating Excitement Sexual While" ago

Gemini Sunrise Everythin' goin' out with Shinjiro ain't. ago

Doctor Xadium "Denby Pottery Jobs" ago

Sakura X. Aino Maria Tachibana's embarassing secret hobby which directly led to the scene in the movie "Ghost". ago

Doctor Xadium ...."Gorilla trekking in Uganda"!!! ago

Sakura X. Aino One time doing research for a play Iris got lost there and dropped her bear jean-paul. She throught she saw it in the underbrush and went towards it... ago

Doctor Xadium God you guys are impossible >< ago

Sakura X. Aino IMPOSSIBLY AWESOME AMIRITE *high fives Gems* ago

Gemini Sunrise *high five* ago