Suburban Senshi Chat #1865 - “Botch Apocalyptica”
#1865 “Botch Apocalyptica”

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Ten'ou Haruka
I admit I don't watch as much wrestling now due to time and really getting the sense the sport isn't very good for the performers, but that doesn't stop me from being nostalgic and remembering the good ol' days.Presenting Botchamania, a weekly show highlighting hilarious wrestling bloopers and stuff ago via BlackBerryCommentLike


Jay Daito What am I looking at ago

Ten'ou Haruka Click on the titles, like "Botchamania 201" to get to the actual shows ago

Jay Daito Okay, this is pretty damn funny. ago

Captain Jack Harkness Haruka Ten'ou not watching wrestling, what? ago

Ten'ou Haruka All those years of Hotaru hyping the death statistics and then history channel's s[BLEEP]t on the Roman Colosseum finally got to me. ago

Kaioh Michiru You just spent all the money for cable on beer,didn't you. ago

Ten'ou Haruka Shut up I'm trying to be all principled and s[BLEEP]t <_< ago

Kaioh Michiru Ahh well, no loss, who needs to see sweaty fat man blundering around in their underwear, anyway ago

Reverend H. Elios YO you will NEVER be as cool as PRO WRESTLING yo all you can do is play classical crap no one listens to, yo ago

Kaioh Michiru You don't think classical can be exciting, dear? ago

Kaioh Michiru


Reverend H. Elios holy s[BLEEP]t, yo ago

Reverend H. Elios That s[BLEEP]t shouldn't be goddamn possible yo ago

Kaioh Michiru stands victorious ago