Suburban Senshi Chat #1864 - “Blowing Minds in the Midmorning”
#1864 “Blowing Minds in the Midmorning”

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Aino Minako
Doesn't get why the joke about the chicken crossing the road is funny ago via iPhoneCommentLike


Tomoe Hotaru "Why did the chicken cross the road?" "to get to the other side." The "other side", meaning the afterlife. It was committing suicide. ago

Ten'ou Haruka M I N D     B L O W N ago

Kino Makoto Suicide's not funny :/ ago

Ten'ou Haruka Man after 36 years I finally have the answer ago

Mizuno Ami Do you want your mind blown? You may recall the famous Hubble Telescope image of "the pillars of creation". Well by the time we saw them... They had already been destroyed. ago

Ten'ou Haruka Well Duh, anyone who understands the principle of light speed versus distance and time would understand that. ago

Ten'ou Haruka Hardly mind-blowing, Ami-chan :P ago

Mizuno Ami ... ago

Chiba Mamoru You wanna break? I'll break you. Take a look at The True Story behind Police Academy, one gay man's quest for acceptance. ago

Jay Daito You mean like your life, right, Chiba? ago

Chiba Mamoru What ago

Jay Daito Going around throwing roses, questing after obviously unavailable underage girls, all the while getting in the tub with Fiore ago


Jay Daito run away from you in disgust, maybe ago

Kaioh Michiru Well this might "blow some minds". How to Use Photoshop to make your Facebook Timeline profile look good. ago

Ten'ou Haruka It blows my mind that you would ever consider photoshop ago

Doctor Xadium Yeah didn't you always accuse me of being a hack for using it rather than paint and canvas? ago

Kaioh Michiru That's why I said "some minds". Nothing good ever came out of Photoshop. ago

Doctor Xadium

You were saying? ago

Ten'ou Haruka ...yeah my mind's blown ago

Jay Daito No, that's just your load ago

Kaioh Michiru :/ ago