Suburban Senshi Chat #1863 - “And I--I--I--- will always shortchange Youuu-ouu-ou-ou-ou”
#1863 “And I--I--I--- will always shortchange Youuu-ouu-ou-ou-ou”

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Ten'ou Haruka
Phantom Menace 3D was f[BLEEP]king useless. They only 3Ded the backs of people's heads, random lens flares and subtitles, and did some subtle 3D on random objects. None of the cool stuff like the traffic on Coruscant or the space battles were really enhanced. Goddammit I want my money back. ago via BlackBerryCommentLike


Franziska von Karma Only a foolish fool would foolishly believe George Lucas has the best interest of the foolish fans in mind. ago

Karasuma Akane Yeah I heard he insists Han ALWAYS shot first. ago

Ten'ou Haruka Franzy I want to sue Lucas can I sue him ago

Franziska von Karma is a Prosecutor, not a private litigation attorney. ago

Ten'ou Haruka Be my lawyer you know you want to be my lawyer ago

Franziska von Karma Haruka Ten'ou, if you were in my jurisdiction I'd already have you locked up in jail, you foolish fool of a famous fop! ago

Ten'ou Haruka But I'm not so it's allllll goood ago

Franziska von Karma ...I wonder if you have any INTERPOL warrants... ago

Ten'ou Haruka has to go umm... change her name and s[BLEEP]t ago

Reverend H. Elios yo yo Attorney lady


Franziska von Karma OBJECTION! What the [BLEEP] ago

Jay Daito This is the way I will always remember her. At the top of her game, covered in yellow flames and blood after weeks of battle with Goku. ago

Tomoe Hotaru At least you'll remember HER and not confuse her with Oprah ago

Aino Minako I didn't realize Whitney Houston had a career before or after the Bodyguard. I actually thought she was just an actress who recorded a song for the soundtrack. <_< ago

Hino Rei She was only 28 when she did Bodyguard? Wow. By that time she seemed Dionne elder-stateswoman level to me. ago

Aya Reiko That doesn't really sound all that good <_< ago

Jay Daito I'd hate to be at a karaoke bar tonight ago

Meiou Setsuna Gods, what an a[BLEEP]le ago