Suburban Senshi Chat #1861 - “Shocking Revelation! X updates the gallery and oh, Minako's engaged”
#1861 “Shocking Revelation! X updates the gallery and oh, Minako's engaged”

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Doctor Xadium
has updated the wallpaper image gallery with a metric s[BLEEP]tload of images he's done since 2010. Mainly featuring Gemini Sunrise, so if you don't like redheads look away. Also: new back / forward buttons to make navigation better! ago via iPhoneCommentLike


Gemini Sunrise Aww shucks, Doc... *blush* ago


Kaioh Michiru Welcome to my hell, dear. It's about TIME you found out what it's like to be chronically unappreciated. ago

Aino Minako Moh! But you're old!!! ago

Kaioh Michiru I'M THREE YEARS OLDER THAN YOU, YOU LITTLE.... darling ago

Jay Daito That might as well be an eternity, hagglep[BLEEP]~ AHAHAAHAHAHA ago

Aino Minako this is impossible!! I won't be forgotten!! X-kun, you need to make pictures of me NOW ago

Doctor Xadium Oh I'm sorry this from the person who divorced me and hasn't said word one to me in years? ago

Tomoe Hotaru You know, I was glad for Sailor Moon's interference. It prevented me from hearing inappropriate noises at night. But if this is the way you two are going to behave... ago

Gemini Sunrise It's too late Ah already got 'im! ago

Aino Minako OH YEAH!? I'LL SHOW YOU ago

Aino Minako is now engaged to Touga Kiryuu ago

Tomoe Hotaru ...wait what ago

Aino Minako ..Jealous, X? ago

Doctor Xadium You have fun with that ago

Doctor Xadium You realize you'll be timesharing with Kyouichi Saionji, right? ago

Aino Minako huh ago

Kino Makoto It's true. ago

Kino Makoto The term "Yaoi" was coined for the noise he makes when it gets stuck in his ago


Aino Minako Moh! ago

Tomoe Hotaru Wait, you're not REALLY engaged to him, are you? ago

Aino Minako <_< ago

Tomoe Hotaru ARE YOU?!!?! ago

Aino Minako has to go find a good, cheap assassin >_> ago

Tomoe Hotaru D: Just break it off! ago

Jay Daito I think if she "broke it off" that would be worse than death for Touga. ago

Tomoe Hotaru ...true ago