Suburban Senshi Chat #1859 - “Childhood memories, Childhood Obscenities”
#1859 “Childhood memories, Childhood Obscenities”

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Hino Rei
I always knew Shipwreck was a Hipster. ago via BlackBerryCommentLike


Ten'ou Haruka Man it never occurred to me just how many sailor stereotypes he manage to cram into himself ago

Jay Daito LOL Sailors cramming things into themselves ago

Ten'ou Haruka ... ago

Karasuma Akane You know I have a question. Haruka and Michiru had a child. But we haven't heard ONE word about it since then. ago

Jay Daito Yeah, how is little AFK doing? ago

Kaioh Michiru Boarding school. ago

Jay Daito ...He's not even a year old ago

Kaioh Michiru I told him not to soil his diapers or cry before being cried to, and that being heard but not seen was the highest of all youth virtues. But he just would not listen. ago

Ten'ou Haruka Yeah and he won't eat what I give him ago


Ten'ou Haruka Aww do you miss little brother? ago

Tomoe Hotaru You sent him to an elite boarding school for INFANTS. I don't even know what "little brother" looks like. ago

Jay Daito Where is this boarding school ago

Ten'ou Haruka Latveria ago

Hino Rei Oh this will f[BLEEP]king end well ago