Suburban Senshi Chat #1858 - “From Busty Blondes to Batmen to Blackberry Blunders to Badass in 10 minutes flat ”
#1858 “From Busty Blondes to Batmen to Blackberry Blunders to Badass in 10 minutes flat ”

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Gemini Sunrise
Dang, Dolly Parton's a real talented singer-- her songs're amazin' on their own, but slowed down they's hauntin' an' beautiful in a whole new way ago via iPhoneCommentLike


Jay Daito I've always been a tremendous fan of Parton's two massive talents. ago

Hino Rei

In other news, I think Chibiusa-chan broke the Batman. ago

Tsukino Princess Usagi o i broak ham years agew in da bick ov da bratmobale~ ago

Jay Daito I watched the video for Batman, but I *came* for Catwoman ago

Gemini Sunrise You're in a mood today, ain't ya ago

Mizuno Ami I can fix that ago

Mizuno Ami

Behold RIM's new Super hero Team, debuted to make the Blackberry more "hip" with youth. ago

Ten'ou Haruka What the hell ago

Mizuno Ami GoGo Girl, The Achiever: "Saving the day with a brilliant strategy"; Justin Steele, The Advocate: "Always ready to stick up for his friends"; Trudy Foreal, The Authentic: "Not afraid to call it as she sees it"; Max Stone, The Adventurer: "Able to jump out of a planeā€¦" ago

Karasuma Akane ...the Authentic... wow, last time I called it like I saw it I got dumped for being a b[BLEEP]ch. Little did I knwo I was ACTUALLY A SUPERHERO ago

Jay Daito Don't you get it, Crow, just tell people what they want to hear. It's much, much easier. ago

Furuhata Motoki I can jump out of a plane ago

Jay Daito No, you get thrown ago

Reverend H. Elios You b[BLEEP]ches want to see heroes, yo? I got dat s[BLEEP]t right here yo: ago

Ten'ou Haruka Oh s[BLEEP]t ago

Reverend H. Elios exactly ago