Suburban Senshi Chat #1857 - “The Avengers shouldn't text”
#1857 “The Avengers shouldn't text”

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Ten'ou Haruka
just discovered we aren't the only superhero group in the world on the internet. ago via BlackBerryCommentLike


Jay Daito LOL "superhero" ago

Ten'ou Haruka What, f[BLEEP]k you, we're superheroes ago

Jay Daito You're pretty, sparkly, "magical girls" :P ago

Ten'ou Haruka I'll magical my foot up your ass in a second. ago

Jay Daito Oh you throw supercharged BOWLING BALLS around and shoot beams from your KNIFE that makes you superheroic? ago

Ten'ou Haruka You call yourself a supervillain, a[BLEEP]le ago

Jay Daito Okay. I can FLY. I can TELEPORT. I can DRAIN THE LIFE out of people. I hurl ENERGY from my hands. I use MIND CONTROL. Need I go on? ago

Tomoe Hotaru ...When he puts it that way, Haruka-poppa, you do come up a bit short. ago

Ten'ou Haruka LOL says the girl who can use her special power EXACTLY ONCE. then she DIES ago

Tomoe Hotaru I have an impenetrable barrier power as well :P ago

Ten'ou Haruka Which Galaxia shredded ago

Tomoe Hotaru That was THEN this is NOW ago

Ten'ou Haruka doesn't wan tot hear more, is trying to derive pepper potts' phone number from these screenshots ago

Tomoe Hotaru Good god. ago