Suburban Senshi Chat #1853 - “I see Mr. Scorsese has mastered the 3D technique. ”
#1853 “I see Mr. Scorsese has mastered the 3D technique. ”

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Kaioh Michiru
On January 14th, during a screening of Martin Scoresese's Hugo, advertising began playing during the climactic scene... and amusingly, worked very well.
0Ironic end to Scorsese's Hugo
Projector Malfunction makes unintended remix
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Ten'ou Haruka From what I hear they charged a ticket and had no projectionist for this screening ago

Kino Makoto The end part with the monologue about the young boy... priceless ago

Reverend H. Elios Thsi was just celever marketing for "Level up", yo ago

Furuhata Motoki god if I see another level up ad infesting the screen when I'm trying to watch Thundercats... :/ ago

Tsukino Princess Usagi ya howevar tot stacking liv advaratsmants on tip ov TB wuz a god idea shuld bi s[BLEEP]t ago

Tomoe Hotaru I wonder what Scorsese thought of all this... ago

Meiou Setsuna Feh he probbaly saw it, thought it was the most innovative thing since steadicam and will be incorporating it into his next film ago

Sakura X. Aino Wow lots of projectionist rage in the comments ago

Sakura X. Aino "I am an officially licensed projectionist by the state of Massachusetts and i now have to spend all my time on the floor and not in the booth. I'm really glad I'm not up there to fix anything. Thanks for the demotion regal!" ago

Tomoe Hotaru I believe it ago

Tomoe Hotaru "as a projectionist who is about to lose all of his time upstairs because my theater company is going all digital i couldn't agree more...the people at home office don't give 2 s[BLEEP]ts about presentation as long as they save on payroll...they are convinced that their new automated system will work flawlessly and that it will work if only managers are allowed upstairs. managers with no experience in projection...or anything technical at all...god save the film industry" ago

Tomoe Hotaru This is the trend, everyone. ago

Tomoe Hotaru Enjoy it ago

Ten'ou Haruka Would it be ironic if I noted that the pirates who will eventually R5 this are going to be the only ones having the superior viewing experience ago

Tomoe Hotaru Don't worry, the MPAA won'tlet logic get in the way of their "logic". ago