Suburban Senshi Chat #1849 - “When Geeks Collide”
#1849 “When Geeks Collide”

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Mizuno Ami
Nearly 1 Million iPhone 4S and iPad 2s have been Jailbroken in Three Days. ago via AndroidCommentLike


William H. Gates The people have spoken! :D ago

Tony Stark Says the guy who's busy making his own walled garden with the Metro App store ago

Mizuno Ami Stark, I want those patents back you bought from Mizunomics when I was... ill. ago

Tony Stark Sorry babe, all sales are final :3 ago

Mizuno Ami For being one of the three smartest men on the planet, that wasn't very smart. :/ ago

Tony Stark Iron Man > Killer Gundams :P ago

Mizuno Ami We shall see, Stark. We shall see... ago

Furuhata Motoki I AM IRON MAN ago

Tony Stark ...Does he s[BLEEP]t on every thread I'm in? ago

Mizuno Ami I think so ago

William H. Gates is off borrowing this idea for WP8 ago

Tony Stark "borrowing" lol ago

William H. Gates Hey I bet you don't know how to shut down Windows without applying updates. ago

Tony Stark I run StarkOS, I don't need no stinkin' forced updates ago

Artemis D. Cat Guys, guys, relax and watch this educational video on how Return of the Jedi should have ended ago

Tony Stark Is that... really a cat typing that or just some furry freak like Furuhata ago

Mizuno Ami Really a cat ago

Ten'ou Haruka Wanna be freaked out more? His ex is a plushie toy who's sleeping around with Teddy Ruxpin ago

Tony Stark ...I just... what ago

Kaioh Michiru This should settle everything (NSFW?)


Tony Stark is just going to log off now ago

Captain Jack Harkness I find that image strangely exciting... ago

Ten'ou Haruka Goddammit Jack ago