Suburban Senshi Chat #1847 - “Dumbass Diva Daughter of the Day”
#1847 “Dumbass Diva Daughter of the Day”

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Gemini Sunrise
Y'know Ah'd git all upset when people make fun of Southern folk but...
Watch a little 6 year old's descent into madness
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Artemis D. Cat ....what... what is this I don't even ago

Jay Daito LOL Jabba the Hutt prettifies hir spawn to bring money home to the Ranch ago

Tomoe Hotaru ...Why does that girl sound like she came off a bad BET special? ago

Mizuno Ami "Special Juice..."? ago


Karasuma Akane She's obviously living vicariously through her kid, making up for her triple-chinned hideousness. ago

Reverend H. Elios ..Showing her tummy to the judges WTF YO WTF?! ago

Tomoe Hotaru I feel so sad for that child.... they're hopping her up on Mountain Dew ago

Jay Daito "Go-Go Juice make me laughy and plaaayey aaaand it makes me feel like I wanna pull my mommy's hair" ago

Gemini Sunrise


Tsukino Princess Usagi u sed tit... hloy sit ago

Jay Daito Hey runt, you could do this easy ago

Tsukino Princess Usagi fak u i gat standerdz ago

Ten'ou Haruka She calls the kid... "smoochie". ago

Gemini Sunrise AH AM SO DANG ASHAMED ago

Tomoe Hotaru the look on the dad's face at 5:28 sums up my reaction to this. ago

Ten'ou Haruka It'slike Arn Anderson from WCW just giving up on life. ago

Artemis D. Cat "I showed my belly to the judges... they don't know a good thign when they see it" WHAT ago

Reverend H. Elios f[BLEEP]k yo, now I need mind bleach ago

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